2 ripped up old jeans -> dufflebag

I really hate throwing away old jeans.  And these jeans always tend to be irreparable because of the unfortunate location of the holes.  This discovery of all these old jeans coincided with me booking a flight that only allowed a single carry-on bag of the exact dimensions of 12x14x16.  Which I did not own.  Obviously, the only logical thing to do was to make my own duffle bag :)

In general, the jeans were pretty ripped up.  The bottoms were torn up and there were holes near the butt.  So I decided to make it quilted so that I could utilize the non-torn up parts of the jeans.  The jeans were also two different shades, so I really like the quilted effect :)  The sides and the top are quilted squares.  I used the butt pockets as pockets on the side of the duffel bag.  There was a lot of improvisation involved, so I won't even try to explain all the tricks/hacks that I did.  But here's the finished result :)  It's officially my favorite duffle bag.  Bringing it as an overnight bag to New York made me feel like I fit in with all the hipsters.

It has an across the shoulder strap and side shoulder straps.  I didn't have a keyring at the time to secure the across-shoulder strap, so I used ribbon for the time being.


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